3 Upcoming Features Of WhatsApp You Should Know in 2024

WhatsApp 3 Upcoming Features
WhatsApp 3 Upcoming Features

You must have heard about WhatsApp. This is a very famous platform. People use WhatsApp to stay connected to each other. You must know about WhatsApp. WhatsApp launches something new always a new feature. Similarly, WhatsApp is going to launch 3 upcoming features, which is very important to know about you.

Today I will tell you about 3 upcoming features of WhatsApp. if you want to know. So read this article carefully and read it till the last. Today I will tell you step by step in full detail. So that you also understand and you can also share it with your friends.

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1. Support Chat Feature

WhatsApp is working on the in-app support feature. Users can report bugs and issues directly in the app using this WhatsApp feature. You will find the new file feature under the New Contact US page to report bugs.

Under the Contact Us section, users will get a new text box. You can write your problem with what you are facing on WhatsApp. WhatsApp support chat feature allows you to communicate with the technician. WhatsApp closely marks the chat during the conversation.

2. Voice Messages Playback Speed

WhatsApp is testing the new voice message playback speed feature. This feature allows users to change the playback speed for voice messages.

Currently, this feature has not appeared in the beta version. However, the rollout of this feature allows users to control the playback speed of voice messages.

3. Multiple Device Login

Multiple device logins are currently under development. It will roll out soon for WhatsApp users. This feature allows users to log in to their accounts on multiple devices simultaneously. Is a very good feature. You will get a lot of benefits from this.

So these 3 upcoming features of WhatsApp, about which I have told you in full detail. So I hope You must have understand.



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