Add Broken Screen Background Wallpaper Using This Broken Screen Prank App

Broken Screen Background Wallpaper
Broken Screen Background Wallpaper

Today I am going to tell you about an app that you may have heard about for the first time. This is a very good app. With the help of this app, you can break your screen. If you break your screen and show it to anyone, then it will be felt. Your screen is broken. But your screen will not break in real.

Do you want to use a broken app? You can break your screen using this Broken Screen Background Wallpaper. If you show someone else it will look like this. Your screen is broken.

You want to download and use this app. Can do so very easily. Today I will tell you about this app step by step in full detail.


So that you also understand and you can also share with your friends. So read this article carefully and read it till the last, only then you will be able to understand.

How to Download Broken Screen Background Wallpaper App?

If you want to download this app, you can do it very easily. Will first go to the Play Store. If you write the name of this app, you will get it. Or Direct you can download by clicking on the link given below.

How to Use This App?

If you want to use this app, then follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, install and open this app.
  • After that, you have to give some permission.
  • Then you can use this app very easily. And you can break your screen.

So download this app today and use it. Because I have told you about this app in full detail. So I hope You must have understand.

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