Android 15 Beta 2 Version Rolling Out: Everything You Need to Know

Android 15 Beta 2 Version
Android 15 Beta 2 Version

Android 15 Beta 2 version rolling out this May, is known to bring some super cool features to enhance user experience on the mobile OS. It has come up with a lot of UI improvements, providing better satellite connectivity and notification channels to users.

It is known as one of the most awaited beta updates of Android OS ever released. We have listed below the detailed updates you can expect with the Android 15 Beta 2 version.

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Features rolling out with Android 15 Beta 2

1. Private App Space

This feature has been in the back pocket of Google for some time now and has finally made its debut. You can now add sensitive applications to a private space. You can access this private tab via the app launcher and have the feasibility to lock this section.

You will not get a notification for these applications and can’t find them in recent apps or settings. It is a recommended feature for banking and private apps on your Android device.

2. Satellite connectivity support

Another helpful feature coming out with the Android 15 beta 2 version involves satellite support for MMS and SMSs.

Thus, users can now send SMSs even when they are not connected to a mobile network or internet connection with the help of Satellite connectivity.

Google messages will also support this feature. You will get a notification saying you are Auto-connected to the Satellite if you are not connected to a mobile network.

3. App Pairs in split-screen

If you want to use two apps parallelly using split screen, after this beta release, you can create the most used app pairs to quickly launch both those applications in Split screen mode. You will no longer need to launch an app, split screen, and then launch a second app.

By hitting the app pair, it will automatically launch both applications in split-screen mode within a matter of seconds. This feature is specifically helpful if you are using large screens like tablets.

4. Widget preview

Android 15 Beta 2 is also bringing a feature to customize Widgets. You can use a widget template and personalize it accordingly to get a preview of how it will look on your home screen.

This feature will allow you an option to check the look and feel of the widget without setting it on your home screen.

5. Richer notification vibration

Users can now set up different vibrations for various notifications to distinguish them better.

Thus, you now have the flexibility to add separate vibrations for calls, messages, Instagram likes, comments, or follow requests. It can help you decide better which messages to respond to right away and which notifications can wait.

6. Predictive back feature

Android 15 will now provide a quick animated view of the screen if you accidentally hit the back button.

7. Google AI-powered theft detection locks

Android will now have AI theft detection locks that will automatically break down the device if they sense any suspicious activity going on. It will flag such instances and investigate them later to confirm the suspicion.

8. Updated volume control menu

You can also expect an enhanced volume menu with the latest Android beta 2 version as a part of the UI update. You can see a colourful menu with a wide slider, even on tablets.

Wind Up

The Android 15 Beta 2 version is rolling out only for Pixel 6 and above devices for now. Although no major changes are coming out with this Android version, you can still see the look and feel of UI changing along with enhanced security.

However, beta versions generally come out in the testing phase and can have some issues or bugs. You should wait for the stable Android 15 rollout if you don’t feel confident about the beta version.



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