Getting the Most out of App Tiles: A Guide to Optimizing App Launch Speed

App Tiles - Launch Your Favorite Apps -
App Tiles - Launch Your Favorite Apps

Technological advances and the digital age have changed many aspects of our lives. Household chores are not so difficult, it is not difficult to find information and rotating books is not so heavy, because you can have all the favorites in one app.

Apps for book lovers give you access to many books starting with ancient literature and ending with modern authors. We have provided our own research and have come up with a list of the best book apps.

App Tiles is a very useful app for optimizing app launching speed. You can add up to 6 shortcuts for apps in your quick toggles area on the notification bar.


Just pick your apps, drag the tiles to the top of the list and they are ready to launch. You can click them in every app and at any time you want. Always be prepared with App Tiles.

If you find out that the quick tiles are not working after a few days then probably your device has an option to stop apps from working if they are not opened for a few days. Some of the latest Samsung phones have this option.

To continue using the app you should add it to the battery exceptions list and allow it to work no matter if opened or not.

There are ads in the app but they are showing only while you are setting up your favorite apps on the main app screen. When you are using the quick tiles you will never see ads from the app.

How to Download the App?

If you want to easily download this app to your phone. the link of this app below? And you can easily download this app, by clicking on the download button.

After downloading, you take full advantage of this app. And share it with your friends.



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