Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-registration has started.

Battlegrounds India Pre-registration
Battlegrounds India Pre-registration

You must have heard about Battlegrounds mobile India. Battlegrounds mobile India pre-registration has started on 18 May. PUBG Mobile India has been rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India. There is something inside this game that has been changed such as Map and Skin will be changed.

So if you want to know more information about it, then read this article carefully and read till the last because today I will tell you about Battlegrounds India step by step in complete detail. So that you also understand and you can also share with your friends.

Click, Here Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration.


Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration.

You all know that Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration
2018 will start from May 2021. Pre-register Battlegrounds Mobile India and get 4 amazing pre-registration rewards, Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert title, and 300 AG! This reward is exclusively for fans of the game who pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

First of all, go to the play store. If you write Battlegrounds Mobile India, you will get it or you can do pre-registration by clicking on the link given below.


How different is Battlegrounds Mobile India from the PUBG game? website has been created by the company. Crafton has said that the game will soon be available for pre-registration in India. Crafton has renamed its YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battleground Mobile India is a game made for Indians. The battle royale game will be released with exclusive India specific in-game events, outfits, and features and will have its own eSports ecosystem with a regular stream of tournaments and leagues. Be sure in week before to see the amazing Launch Week event and the exclusive outfits to win.

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