Prank With Friends
Prank With Friends

Hello friends, in this article today, we are going to tell you about an application, with the help of which you can prank with your friends. The name of this app is Prank With Friends. This is the best and useful app, and you can download it for free.

Prank With Friends App also contains tips on how to make boyfriend-girlfriend Friend and boys or for married couples about their life and all the personal tips and issues are given in the app Friend Search Prank.

Prank With Friends app will let you help to easily find any Friend WhatsApp numbers which are very difficult nowadays, but this makes it easy and fast. So download the app and chat with different country Friends on call or chat via WhatsApp or other messaging apps which is the best way to start dating online and be in love with your favorite.



  • Find a partner for yourself
  • Free dating app
  • Use this app for free
  • Free Download

How to use the Prank With Friends App?

Step1. Open the app and you will find a list of all country’s Friends.

Step2. Choose your favorite people or what you like from the list.

Step3. Click on that Friend and it will show you her details like her name, age, interest, and also her phone number.

Step4. Click on get my number button and you will get the number, Copy number and save new contact on your mobile phone.

Step5. Then refresh the contact list of WhatsApp you will find that number in WhatsApp contact list Start chatting with that Friend by sending a message.


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