Call Log Backup & Restore (XML) And PDF Reports for professional users

Call Log Backup
Call Log Backup

Call Log Backup & Restore (XML) App

I know you are an Android or iOS smartphone users. It is also true to many calls upcoming and outgoing in your personal phone entire a day. Due to your call log history increase day by day and finally one your call log not ready to accept more upcoming or outgoing calls.

So, in that case how you can manage or clear your call logs. Don’t worry brother because we going to tell such type app that helps you to accept more call logs just a minute.


Features of Call Log Backup App.

Backup & Restore – App is best in performing Call Log Backup & Restore. Backup is created is a standard XML format that can be viewed with any XML viewer. Restore feature uses backup file as input and restore call log. The restore feature can be used on the same device or on other devices.

PDF Backup of Calls – Now users can take PDF backup of their Call Log and contact and can save it once for all. This generated report is saved in the user device and we don’t collect this information in any form.

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Analyzer Report – App also helps users in managing call logs against specific time periods. Users can select data range to view a detailed report of all dialed, received, and missed calls. Analyzer reports can easily be converted into PDF and can be used for future reference.

Call Statistics – Call Statistics allows you to get statistical information on the number of Dialed, Received, Missed calls, and rejected calls on a daily basis. This information can easily be transferred into PDF

Contact Log – Now convert your contact log into PDF and save that anywhere for future reference.

How to Download the App?

To download this app you have to first visit the Google Play Store, and download this app from here. Or you can directly download this app by clicking on the download button below. After downloading you can enjoy this app.


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