Change your Gmail password for Google on Android and iOS

Change Gmail password for Google
Change Gmail password for Google

Gmail is one of the major character of Google. Time and again, it occurs that we forget our password, if we have not logged in our account for a long period. In such condition you will not be able to log in your account when needed. It is in such circumstances that you need to change your password or can be said reset password. Applying some simple method you can easily change your Gmail password for google. It can easily be changed for Gmail through desktop, iOS and Android.

Here are some popular ways to reset Gmail password. In this article you will get guidance on how you can reset Gmail password for Google. Here we will explain you in the simplest and easiest way to help you guide on how you can reset your Gmail password for Google in just few simple steps. To know more about the change Gmail password details go through the article till the end.

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Methods to change Gmail password for Google.

First of all go to the upper right side of your screen. There you will se the ‘setting button’ on a gear icon. Tap the button then a menu will appear on the display screen. Select the settings button from the menu and press it. Settings page will appear on the phone screen. Go to the Accounts in port tab. You will get the ‘change password’ option there. Click on that. You will be deflected to the ‘log in’ page to make sure that you are the account holder.

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Now enter your password for the account. Google may ask you to use your two-factor authentication if you have permitted it. After confirming, a menu will be displayed on the screen to change your password. You have to enter a new password here and then validate it. An error message will pop up if you enter one of the given password. Finally click the ‘change password’ button and your password will change.

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There is an Important for you to know. The Gmail password is a common password for all of your google accounts. So, once you change your Gmail password, it will automatically change for all other Google services.

I hope this brief note on ‘changing Gmail password’ will be helpful to you and will be able to clear your doubts regarding reset password. If users have any doubts feel free to ask. We will be happy to help. We look forward for your valuable feedback.




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