Google Photos unlimited storage
Google Photos unlimited storage

You must have known about Google Photos. Google Photos is a platform on which people store their photos. Google Photos is going to end with unlimited storage.

Google Photos will officially end its unlimited free storage policy for pictures at ‘High Resolution’ and ‘Express Resolution’ from June 1. The policy change was announced in November last year.

If you’ve only relied on Google Photos to back up all your smartphone pictures, you’ll soon need to worry about the storage space on your account.


The policy change also means that Google wants more consumers to pay for the cloud storage service. If you want to know more about this then read this article till the last.

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Google Photos will end with unlimited storage.

You can upload photos for free without worrying about running out of storage. From June 1, these photos will be counted in 15GB of free photos.

If you’re constantly uploading photos to your Google Account, you’ll probably need to purchase some additional storage space.

The basic plan starts from 100GB which is Rs 130 per month or Rs 1300 per year. The 200GB plan starts at Rs 210 per month.

Other plans include 2 TB at Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,500 per year, 10 TB which is Rs 3,250 per month, 20 TB at Rs 6,500 per month, and 30 TB at Rs 9,750 per month.

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