How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos & Photos on Android & iOS

Download WhatsApp Status
Download WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp, initially recognized as a messaging app, has transformed into a multifaceted platform, embracing social media elements like its Status feature. However, the transitory nature of these statuses presents a challenge when users desire to retain them.

This article serves as a comprehensive manual on downloading WhatsApp Status videos and photos, both Android and iOS devices.

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How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos or Photos on Android

Method 1: File Manager

WhatsApp transiently stores media files in a concealed folder on your device. Accessing them involves:

  1. Launching WhatsApp and viewing the desired Status.
  2. Navigating to your device’s File Manager app, such as “Files by Google.”
  3. Activating “Show hidden files” within the settings.
  4. Locating the “WhatsApp” folder in internal storage > Media > .Statuses.
  5. Copying the desired media file and pasting it into another folder.

Method 2: Status Saver Apps

Several apps available on the Play Store, such as “Status Saver for WhatsApp,” offer straightforward downloading solutions. However, users should exercise caution regarding intrusive advertisements.

Method 3: Screenshot and Screen Record

For images, screenshots suffice; however, videos necessitate screen recording. Certain Android devices provide native screen recording features, while others may require third-party apps from the Play Store.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on iPhone

Native Tools for Screenshots and Screen Recording

iOS’s stringent security measures restrict access to WhatsApp files. Users can capture images using the native screenshot feature, activated by pressing specific button combinations:

  • iPhone 8 or older: Simultaneously press the home and power buttons.
  • iPhone X or newer: Simultaneously press the volume down and power buttons.

For Video Downloads

iOS users can employ the native screen recording feature introduced in iOS 11. However, it must be added to the Control Center via Settings for convenient access.

Wind Up

WhatsApp offers a dynamic platform for sharing fleeting moments, yet users often seek methods to preserve these memories.

By adhering to the outlined methods, users can effortlessly download WhatsApp Status videos and photos, both Android and iOS devices, ensuring their cherished moments are safeguarded for posterity.



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