How to Find Your Phone’s IMEI Number: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Find Your Phone IMEI Number
Find Your Phone IMEI Number

IMEI Number, also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a 15-digit unique identifier of mobile devices. It is super easy to track a lost or stolen mobile device by tracking the IMEI number.

In case of stolen devices, the user can block the IMEI number so that the user won’t be able to use the mobile even if it tries to insert a new SIM card in it.

There are multiple ways to check the IMEI number irrespective you are using an IOS device or an Android one. We have provided a step-by-step guide to find your Phone’s IMEI number.


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Using a Mobile Application or Dial Pad

One of the most basic ways of finding a device IMEI number is via dial pad, as follows:

  1. Open the Dial Pad of your Mobile
  2. Type Universal code *#06# and click on the green call button
  3. A prompt will appear on your screen with the IMEI details

Please note that the code is universal across devices and is most commonly used to get details around IMEI codes.

Using Mobile Settings on Android

You can also navigate to settings to get details about IMEI in Android phones, as follows:

  1. Launch Settings and navigate to About Phone
  2. You will get an IMEI button on scrolling down
  3. Click on IMEI to get the unique identification number

Using Mobile Settings on iOS Devices

Similarly, in iOS devices as well you can get the IMEI Details via settings.

  1. Launch Settings and scroll down to go to General
  2. Click on the About menu and scroll down to get the IMEI number

Check the Label on the back of the Device

You can also find the IMEI details of a device on the white label stuck at the back of your device. This technique doesn’t always work as the ink starts to disappear after a while due to heat generated via mobile devices.

Check the Label on the box of the device or invoice

If you have lost the device, but have its packaging box or invoice, you can refer to the IMEI number there. You can find a label sticking to the box containing the required details. Retailers generally print the IMEI number on the invoice as well.

Check the Removable Mobile Battery to check the IMEI Number

If you have a mobile device with a removable battery, you can refer to the IMEI number printed on the battery.

Find the IMEI number in the Find My Device Android App

In case you have an Android device, you can also find the IMEI details in the Find My Device application using the below steps:

  1. Either Launch the Find My Device App on your mobile or go to the website
  2. Log in with your Google account and select the device for which you want the IMEI number
  3. Click on the setting icon at the top right corner of your screen that will display your device details and IMEI number on the screen

Find IMEI Number using Apple Accounts

  1. Go to your device browser and search Apple ID Online
  2. Log in with your credentials on the sign-in page
  3. Pass through multi-factor authentication
  4. From the right panel, click on devices. Select the device for which you want to search IMEI number from the list to find device details and the IMEI number

Use another iOS device to get the IMEI number

In case you have lost your Apple device, you can still log in with your ID on some other iOS device and find the IMEI number using the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings app in the IOS device and log in via your Apple ID
  2. Click on the Apple account and scroll down to get a list of iOS devices
  3. select the device for which you want the IMEI number

Use the MacFinder menu to get a device IMEI number

If you are in the habit of connecting your iOS device to your MacBook, you can easily find your IMEI number as follows:

  1. Connect the Apple device to the MacBook using a data cable
  2. Click on Trust
  3. Click on Finder and get the list of devices from left panel
  4. Click on the device to get its details and IMEI number

Note down the IMEI number manually

It is always advisable to note down the 15-digit IMEI number, as you might require them in case your phone is lost or stolen. If you have them written down and handy, you won’t need to refer to the packaging box or invoices again and again if you need the IMEI number of a device.

Wind Up

IMEI number is helpful in case where you have lost your device, or somebody stole it. In such a situation, instead of panicking, make sure to block the IMEI number immediately so that no one can activate and use your device. There are many ways in which you can find your phone’s IMEI number, as listed.



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