How to Know Who blocked you on Facebook: A Complete Guide in 2024

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages
Recover Facebook Deleted Messages

Have you ever wondered who blocked you on Facebook? Well, if yes then this is for you. Yes, Facebook never shows you when exactly someone has blocked you. But, there are numerous ways on this platform that you can use to know if that person blocked you.  Use the tips and tricks given below to know who has blocked you on Facebook for real.

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Ask Your friend If Their Profile is Still Up or Deactivated

This method is a bit awkward and before reading this article, we assume that you might have done this already.


But if you haven’t then you can still choose this straightforward method. It might be the case that the person has deactivated the Facebook account or deleted it rather than just blocking you.

When someone deactivates their account, it will look like someone has already blocked you. But, that’s not the case in most of the cases.

When someone blocks you, rather than deactivates their account, how can you tell? Ask a friend who you have in common. Your mutual contact might be able to check a blocked person’s profile quietly if you and the suspected blocker have a common friend.

You probably haven’t been blocked if their profile is gone: they’ve deleted their Facebook account. There is a possibility that they blocked you if their account is still active. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss other methods of determining this.

Refer to The Mutual Friend’s Account Profile to Find Out if Someone Has Already Blocked You

You need to seek the help from the person who is in your mutual friends with that person who you suspect has blocked you.

It will help you to check if the person has blocked you. With the help of that mutual friend’s profile, you can go through their friends and click on See all. With this, you can see all the friends that you have in common.

By going through their profile, you can also be able to scroll through their contacts by clicking on “Search Friends”. It will help you to see all the friends that you have in common.

When you look at common friends and you see that person’s name and profile picture then they haven’t blocked you. You can take a sigh of relief for sure. But, if you cannot see them then they might have blocked you or they have deactivated their account.

Tag The Person

Try tagging a person you suspect has blocked you. Tag somewhere like a meme or any video based content. You can just write their name and click on the link to their profile.

As soon as they log in again, they will see the notification. It is possible to tag a blocked user in a post, but not if you have been blocked by them.

As well as determining whether your friend has blocked you, you need to figure out whether you have been unfriended.

It depends on the privacy settings of the person who has unfriended you on Facebook whether you can tag him or her. You can’t tag other people if they aren’t in the private group you’re a part of: if the other person isn’t in the private group, you can’t tag them either.

Wind Up

While Facebook doesn’t explicitly let you know when someone blocks you, there are indirect methods to know who blocked you on Facebook. From checking mutual friends’ profiles to attempting to tag the suspected blocker, these strategies can provide some clarity.

Remember, absence from mutual friends’ lists or inability to tag could indicate blocking or account deactivation. By employing these techniques, you can navigate the nuances of Facebook’s privacy features and better understand your online interactions.



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