How to Apply Integrated
How to Apply Integrated

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has started a good scheme to help widowed women. This scheme is for destitute widows aged 18 to 60 years living below the poverty line. Under this, an amount of 300 rupees is given every month for support in living.

The UP Widow Pension Scheme is a welfare scheme. So today’s post we will talk about How to Apply Integrated.

Uttar Pradesh’s government also gets help from the central government in this scheme. For this, an online application can be made. This scheme of the Uttar Pradesh government has brought a lot of relief to poor widowed women.


Who can benefit And How to Apply Integrated?

  1. To take advantage of the scheme, the age of a woman should be between 18 and 60 years.
  2. Only widow women of Uttar Pradesh can apply for this.
  3. If the applicant has remarried after the death of the husband, the benefit will not be received
  4. The applicant is not getting the benefit of other government schemes like the UP old age pension scheme
  5. The widow children should not be adults, even if they are adults, they should not be able to maintain.

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