Make Ration Card Easier: How the Bihar Government is Helping

ew ration card will be created within 9 days
ew ration card will be created within 9 days

Amidst the havoc of Corona, there is relief news for the people of Bihar. The Bihar government has relaxed the rules for making ration cards. The new ration card will create a maximum of nine working days.

Those who come through livelihood will accumulate. The recommendation deadline has also been reduced with the application scrutinizing. The General Administration Department has issued a notification for this change.

Under the Bihar Public Services Right Act, 30 working days are prescribed for making ration cards. BDO used to get 15 working days to check the application first and send it to the SDO. Now this work will be completed in just 2 days.


After getting the recommendation, the SDO will decide on it in 7 working days. Earlier, 15 working days were also scheduled for this.

That is, if the application is correct then a new ration card will be created in more than 9 working days. The same would happen with adding names

With the creation of a new ration card, the time limit for amending it has also been reduced. In this case, also, 2 and 7 working days have been fixed.

At the same time, the period for disposal of the appeal will be shorter. For this, 21 and 15 working days were fixed earlier, which has been reduced to 7.

How to Apply the Ration Card Application through livelihood.

Application for making or amendment of ration card will be made through Jeevika. Jeevika will reach the people to get their applications and submit them to BDO.




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