How to Make Friends on Online Dating Sites?

How To Befriend A Girls -

Boys and friends don’t need to always become love partners, they can also become good friends. Although it is natural to have an attraction. When it comes to befriending a Friend, most boys go to Sharma and if you have the same story, then definitely read this article.

In it, you will learn how to build a friendship with a friend. So let’s know how to befriend a Friend.

Many boys secretly want to be friends with the Friend they like, they like to talk to them because they like the conversation of that Friend, so why don’t you become her friend?


Boys love fun friends, full of sense and humor, and kind, and friends who come together to watch coffee and movies.

Who knows where your friends will reach, but first of all know how you can be friends with your favorite Friend.

Understand if She would like to be friends With You or Not

Before making friends with the Friend, do you understand from the friend’s point of view whether she wants you to be her friend or not?

Try to befriend the Friend and note what kind of people she likes to interact with, what she likes to eat, what her hobbies are, and where she goes with friends during weekends.

If you go to the same class with her, know where she sits, try to sit somewhere close to her, but don’t bother her more than your presence, or else she will run away from the friendship.

A Friend Treat Her With Respect

She is a friend and you should treat her with Care and Respect. So be a gentleman to befriend the Friendl and open the door for her when she comes, pull out a chair to sit, or go to her house with her whenever she goes out for dinner.

Remember, if you do everything for her, she will feel good and safe with you, and she will also respect and trust you.

Make him laugh friends love boys who have a sense of humor that can make them laugh.

Spend a good time with the Friend, laugh together, share ice cream, raise a pet, and see how much she likes it which makes her happy.

How You Can Be Friends?

If you want to befriend a Friend, then find out what she likes, where she likes to hang out, and if she is ready to be friends with an unknown person or not.

However, to find out all of this, do not stock her online, because if she finds out she will hate you inside, and it is also a cybercrime.

Most friends do not like the idea of ​​talking to a stranger boy and making him friends.

However, if the Friend hangs out at the same place where you and your friends go, or you and your common friends, you can move politely to extend a hand of friendship to her.

Having Made A Friend As A Friend, Don’t Be Hasty

When you have befriended the Friend, when she has accepted you as a friend, do not be hasty.

Do one thing at a time, and understand it better by having small conversations with him.

Take small steps and don’t panic because even though you can’t communicate with him very easily, you laugh at your own mistakes, showing him that you’re a person who doesn’t mind accepting his mistakes.

In doing so she will give you more respect, and one more thing, friends hate pomp and show, so be simple and natural.

No one needs to dye their hair or wear piercings to befriend the Friend and neither does a good bike ride, the girl needs a friend, not a clown or driver.

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