How to Charge a Phone Without Electricity?

How to charge a Phone without electricity
How to charge a Phone without electricity

Have you ever thought that mobile charging can be done without electricity, but you will think? It is not possible that mobile can be charged even without electricity. But it is such that you can also charge your mobile without electricity.

if you want to know. How to charge mobile without electricity, then you read this article carefully and read it to the last because inside this article I will tell you how you can charge the phone without electricity

For example, if you live at home, then you charge the mobile comfortably with an electric line.


But if you are far away from home, in someplace where you do not have electricity. So if you are there, you can easily charge the phone without electricity.

Charge Phone Without Electricity

So let me tell you about a very easy method of how you can charge your mobile without electricity very easily.

Use A Solar Charge

You must have heard about solar charging, you can use it in the most comfortable way and everywhere to charge your mobile.

Because this solar energy is a renewable free source of energy and it can be easily found in all the places in the world.

You can not only charge your smartphone but also other devices.

At the same time, not only a large solar panel but also a portable solar panel charger can generate a great amount of energy, which is enough to charge your mobile.

This solar energy system has been specially designed in areas where there is a lot of power problems.

In such a situation, this product is going to be very beneficial for them or DC systems generate so much energy that it can easily provide the power that you can easily charge a bulb and your mobile overnight for one night.

Power Bank

You must have heard about the power bank, which is also called a portable battery pack. Is a tremendous tool.

For daily use which is mainly used to charge your smartphone battery. In places where our mobile needs to be charged, there is no electricity in that place.

There the power bank will support you a lot. Nowadays power bank has started supporting both outputs current.

Using a laptop

If you do not have a power bank for some reason, then you can use your laptop or any similar Shimla electronic gadget. Usually, we go anywhere to charge our smartphone, then we carry the laptop.

If there is any problem with charging the mobile, then we can use the battery of the laptop. For this, you have to connect a cable.

With your smartphone laptop use, for which you can use a comfortable only.

You have to choose the charger’s phone option, in such a way you see a popup. Just cancel it and focus on charging the mobile battery for file sharing on the laptop screen.

Use A Car Battery Charger

You can recharge the battery of your car if you want. This jump star can.

A dead car With the help of no jump starters, some of the same multifunctional jump starter batteries also have USB ports, which you can use to charge your smartphone’s battery.

Mostly you have USB charging ports present in jump starters or car battery chargers. So you can use it to recharge your smartphone.

Such use is because the internal charging battery of the jump starters stores a lot of power.

So this is how you can charge your mobile without electricity, which I have told you with a very easy method of how you can charge without electricity.



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