How to Check the Farmer Loan Waiver List?

How to Check the Farmer Loan
How to Check the Farmer Loan

The farmers can see the list of Loan apologies made by the government from their mobiles. Many schemes have been launched for the farmers from the assembly elections till now. Out of these, the loan waiver scheme is the biggest scheme for the farmers. Farmers whose debt has been forgiven.

Their list has been made online by the government. So that the farmers can know how much debt the farmer has waived?

The debt waiver was announced by the government in 2018. After which the debt of farmers started being forgiven in 2019.


In this debt waiver scheme, it was announced that farmers’ up to 2 lakh loans will be waived. To see the loan waiver list, the farmers should follow the instructions given below.

How to Check the Farmer Loan Apology List?

  • First, click on the link below.
  • After going here, click on the farmer search.
  • Choose the name of the bank.
  • Select the branch name.

After that click on Lone Weaver Application Status, Here farmers enter their Aadhaar number and enter the kaptcha code given below.

Submit the loan waiver details of the farmer. In this way, the list of farmer loan waivers can be seen.

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