How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger?

Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger
Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

Friends, you must have heard about Facebook Messenger. There are many people who use it too. This is a very famous platform, so within this, you have given the option of dark mode inside Facebook Messenger. But there are many people who do not know how to animalize the dark mode. (messenge dark mode)

If you are also from this and you do not know, then today’s article is for you because inside today’s article

Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger
Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

I will tell you to step by step in the whole detail. About dark mode so that you also understand and you can easily perform dark mode animals. (messenge dark mode)


How to Enable Messenger Dark Mode?


  • So let me tell you. how to animalize dark mode?
  • First of all, you will open the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile.
  • Now send moon emoji to any one of your friends.
  • That is why I am speaking because you send the moon emoji to the friend in it. If he can also activate the dark mod in his device.


  • After that, there will be a popup open of You Found Dark Mood.
  • Click on Turn on the setting.
  • From here you can turn on your Facebook Messenger Dark Mode?
  • Turn the toggle in front of the Dark Mode.
  • you can see it now. The entire screen is blackened. If you want, you can disable the dark mode by turning it off toggle.

You can enable and disable your Facebook Messenger Dark Mood in the same way, which I have told you with a very easy method, I hope so. You must have understood.

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