How to Take Loan with Aadhar Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to take a loan with Aadhar Card?
How to take a loan with Aadhar Card?

Many people in India take loans to fulfill their hobbies or for their family to fulfill their hobbies. If you also take a loan, if you want to take a loan, I will tell you. How to take a loan from the Aadhaar card in this article today.

I will give you complete information about it. I will tell you step by step in full detail so that you also understand and you can also share it among your friends. (loan with aadhar card)

Very few people know that you can take a loan with an Aadhaar card. But you need to be aware of this thing.


How to take a loan with an Aadhaar Card?

Taking a loan with an Aadhaar card is very easy. The Government of India has given the facility to take loans under many schemes. But you can take a loan of up to 25 lakh through an Aadhaar card. People who want to build their own homes, start a business, or want to get married can easily take a loan.

In the government’s Aadhaar card loan scheme, farmers are also exempted. Home loans can also be availed through this. Apart from this, the Aadhaar Card Loan Scheme allows you to give many types of loans.

People who are citizens of India who do not have any old loan outstanding. Also, people who can repay the loan can take it as it is a government scheme. Therefore, you also need some documents. Such a PAN card, Aadhaar, card, or bank passbook will be needed, you can apply online if you want.

How to apply for availing Aadhaar loan online?

To take advantage of this scheme, you will have to visit the official website of Aadhaar Loan where you will get more and more information and will be able to apply for the loan. A toll-free number has also been given on the official website. So let me tell you, what will you do?

  • When you click on the link and go to the website, a home page will open.
  • On that, you have to type in the Select Any option.
  • And after that, you have to select a category.
  • After which a form will open on your screen.
  • Some details will be asked from you in the form which you will fill.
  • And then you type in the open box below and submit the form.
  • So in the same way your Aadhar card loan application will be submitted. After this, you will have to wait for your application to be approved.

Documents required for the Aadhaar loan

One thing I can tell you is that this loan will not be transferred to you directly in a cash account but for which you will have to submit some documents.

  • Residence proof: Passport Ration Card Driver’s License Utility Bill Fare Agreement.
  • Proof of Identity: Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, voter ID card, driving license.
  • Income Proof: Last 3 months’ bank statement or 6 months’ bank passbook. Last 3 months’ salary slip.

If I have given you complete information about how to take a loan with an Aadhaar Card, then I hope. You must have understood.




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