Transfer WhatsApp Chat History Without Google Drive: Effortless 2024 Guide

Transfer WhatsApp Chats without using Drive
Transfer WhatsApp Chats without using Drive

In the realm of digital communication, WhatsApp stands as a beacon, connecting individuals worldwide. The importance of this messaging app in our daily lives becomes evident when users contemplate switching to a new device.

The challenge lies in seamlessly transferring WhatsApp chat history without using Google Drive in 2024. This detailed guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the process, ensuring a smooth transition into 2024.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats without Google Drive Backup:

Transfer Chat History to a New Android Phone

1. Open WhatsApp on Your Old Phone:

Navigate to the app on your current device, signaling the beginning of the transfer process.

2. Access Settings:

  • Tap the three-dot button situated in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to Chats:

Within the Settings section, locate and tap on the “Chats” option.

4. Choose Transfer Chats:

Under the Chats section, find and select the “Transfer Chats” option.

5. Initiate the Transfer:

Start the transfer process and agree to Nearby Wi-Fi and Location permissions.

6. QR Code Scanner Activation:

A QR code scanner will automatically appear on your old phone.

7. Prepare the New Android Phone:

On your new Android device, download and open WhatsApp.

Tap “Get Started” to commence the setup.

8. Agree and Verify:

Follow the on-screen instructions, agreeing and verifying your phone number.

9. Transfer Chats from Old Phone:

When prompted, tap on “Transfer Chats” from the old phone.

10. QR Code Exchange:

  • A QR code will appear on the new phone’s screen.
  • Scan this QR code with the QR Code screen on your old phone.

11. Wait for Completion:

Patiently wait for the chat history transfer to finalize.

12. Verification on New Android Phone:

Once completed, all your chat history will be visible on your new Android phone.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure both phones are running the latest WhatsApp version.
  • Both Android phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS

1. Download the “Move to iOS” App:

On your Android phone, download and open the “Move to iOS” app.

2. Follow On-Screen Prompts:

Navigate through the prompts until a code appears on your iPhone.

3. Enter Code on Android Phone:

Enter the provided code on your Android device.

4. Transfer Data Screen:

Choose “WhatsApp” on the Transfer Data Screen.

5. Initiate Transfer:

Start the process on your Android phone, waiting for the data to be exported.

6. Continue on iPhone:

Tap “Next” on your Android phone.

7. Complete Transfer on iPhone:

Continue on your iPhone, tapping “Continue” to transfer your chat history.

8. Wait for Completion:

Allow time for the transfer to be completed.

9. Install Latest WhatsApp on iPhone:

Install the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

10. Log In and Complete Process:

  •  Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, and log in using the same phone number.
  • Tap “Start” when prompted and wait for the process to complete.

11. Chats Await on iPhone:

Finish activating your iPhone, and you’ll find your chats waiting for you.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure your iPhone is reset to factory settings or is new.
  • Connect both Android and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network and keep them charged.
  • Confirm you have the latest version of WhatsApp and the operating system.

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Wind Up

Mastering the intricacies of transferring WhatsApp chats without using Google Drive in 2024 empowers users during device transitions.

This comprehensive guide, laden with meticulous details, ensures that cherished conversations seamlessly make their way to your new device, preserving the essence of digital connections.

Embrace the future confidently, armed with the knowledge to navigate the evolving landscape of WhatsApp data transfer.



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