Welcome to the Indian Friend Mobile Number for the WhatsApp Prank app. Say hello, meet new people, and make friends while exploring the latest cute love wallpapers and Friend wallpapers. Meet people on what’s the app and get inspired by others’ lifestyles. Everyone has a story to tell.

How This App Makes Your Dating Lifestyle Better

With Indian Friend Mobile Numbers for the WhatsApp Prank app, you’ll be making meaningful connections with real people from all cultural backgrounds.

No matter what language you speak, you will be able to talk to anyone from anywhere! Enjoy enriching experiences as if everyone speaks your language



Everyone knows that Indian Friends are cute and beautiful. So, everyone wants to make friends and get married with them.

Here in our app, we have a list of cool Friend what’s app Prank numbers for friends who are from worldwide countries. You can chat and make friends with this girl on their WhatsApp Prank number.

Also, we have a good collection of WhatsApp Prank Friend mobile numbers that can help you direct contact with her on your cell phone.

Some boys live alone without friends so guys this app is only for this person. WhatsApp Prank is very famous among both boys and Friends if you want to make WhatsApp Prank friends then this app is useful to you. However, this app does not need any mobile balance to talk, and it is entirely free.

This is a static app with pre-created Friend profiles that include the Friend’s name, city, interest, and mobile number.

If you want to use the pre-created template by us to prank your friend, click on the “Click To Get Number” button, A number will pop up in dialogue, click on the number directly, and share it with any friends.

Copy the given and share it for pranks. The numbers are registered by our team and some of them are available on the whatsapp app so you can show your friends that you are chatting with a Friend on WhatsApp. this is only for prank purposes. No one going to reply to you.

The developer of this application is not responsible for any illegal use of this application. So, if you have any doubts or queries regarding anything in this application, you can contact us at our developer



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