Instagram new feature subscription, use it to Earn more money

Instagram working on customized post
Instagram working on customized post

At the very beginning of the year, for content creators, Instagram introduced Subscriptions as a test. Later on, after its success, this popular photo-sharing app introduced this test officially. Many exciting new Features by Instagram including subscriptions are added to attract as many creators and subscribers as possible for them to earn money.

However, in a Twitter video post, Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri said, “Subscriptions are for creators.” He also said that “Creators do what they do to make a living and it’s important that it is predictable.”

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Instagram New Subscription feature

For the subscribers, there’s a feature called subscriber posts and Reels which will be exclusively posted. Along with this, the feature also helps a lot to attract as many people as possible. The rate of Subscriptions for Creators can drastically change because of its potential.

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Along with this, the next feature includes exclusive group chats with the Creators’ subscribers. This feature is very helpful in helping the Creators and it can potentially help them to decide on how can they interact with their Creators. However, the chats will be live for 24 hours approximately and the creators can chat with 30 people.

A Subscriber Home is also a dedicated section for Instagram that includes all the exclusive content. Now, whenever you buy a Subscription, you are supposed to get a purple badge and also a purple ring whenever you post a story. The exclusive content in Subscriber Home also contains many Live Sessions and Stories as well.

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Meta-owned company has made the pricing structure for Instagram very unique. You’ll have to pay the Subscription amount between $0.99 a month till $9.99 a month. However, there’s a factor added that will help you to be more competitive and also bring you relief. You won’t have to pay any fees for Instagram Subscription after you earn up to 2024 strikes.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is solely designed for Instagram creators. Now, almost thousands of creators can get new features by Instagram Subscription while at the initial stage it was available to limited people. Only 10 people had an access to Instagram features at the initial stage.

Along with this, right now only creators in the US can use this feature. The company is working to make this feature available in other regions as well. You will also be surprised to know that Instagram introduced many features for the growth of Creators on the platform. Besides, there’s a way in the platform that will help creators to collaborate with brands as well.

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This feature is also known as Creators Marketplace. It’s introduced with this name and provides an opportunity to work and collaborate with brands. It works as an invite-only feature and helps you to collaborate with brands. However, this year Instagram is mainly focusing on the growth of Instagram because of which Creators Marketplace is also one of the main priorities of the Meta-owned company.

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