Send Merry Christmas Stickers on WhatsApp and Instagram in 2023: Know How

Merry Christmas stickers 2023
Merry Christmas stickers 2023

Christmas bells have already started jingling. The time of the year is here again when people are all set to celebrate the most special evening of the year with their loved ones. On such festive occasions, if you are away from your near and dear ones, social networking services prove to be a great medium to make you feel close.

Here is how you can send Merry Christmas stickers on WhatsApp and Instagram to your loved ones and express yourself.

How to Send Merry Christmas Stickers on WhatsApp in [2023]

To send Merry Christmas stickers, first of all, WhatsApp users need to download sticker packs from the Google Play Store. For this, you need to open the Play Store and then type ‘Christmas stickers’ in the search bar. There you will see many options. Select any of the apps and install them. Once done you will be able to see multiple sticker packs within the app.


At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to add these sticker packs to your WhatsApp Write ‘Add to Whatsapp’ Tap on it.

Your favorite sticker pack will be added to your WhatsApp. Now go to your WhatsApp account.

Select the contact you want to send Christmas wishes to. All your newly downloaded Christmas stickers will be available in the stickers tab which is located on the right-hand side of the emoji section. Then choose your favorite sticker and hit the send button.

How to Send Merry Christmas Stickers on Instagram in [2023]

To send Merry Christmas stickers on Instagram, just open your Instagram account and go to the Direct Message section. Then select to whom you want to send these stickers. Once selected, open your contact’s chat window.

In the text typing bar, you will be able to see a sticker icon. Tap on this icon and the sticker search bar will open up.

Here type ‘Christmas’ and many Christmas-themed stickers will show up. Select the one you like to send and tap on it. Your sticker will be sent to your contact. Stickers are the best way to express yourself in a fun way.

It is the easiest way to make your communications appealing and interesting. Instead of just typing a simple text you can use these customized stickers to say a lot more without saying anything.

They are humorous and light-hearted. Stickers can easily Put a smile on anybody’s face.

Hope you find this article helpful to know how to send Merry Christmas stickers on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Follow these simple steps and surprise your friends and family with Christmas special sticker wishes. So make this Christmas extra special for your loved ones with the magic of stickers.



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