Chat and Connect with People of Different Languages Using NEEO Messenger


NEEO Messenger is a new generation messenger introduced by the NeeoPal team available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is an automatic multilingual cross-platform, which helps to sustain conversation between individuals having different languages.

Why should you use NEEO Messenger?

TEXT MESSAGING Chat with your friends, relatives, or colleagues via NEEO Messenger.

The messenger has a standardized interface, which contains essential differentiation for chats, calls, contacts, profile information, and settings. It is a well-known and easy-to-use type of arrangement NEEO.



NEEO Messenger is now faster, less energy-consuming, and lighter than ever. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE Our design and interface became more stylish and easy to use in the latest update meet locals in new cities while you are traveling or even find friends in your city and discover places you have never seen using the Nearby feature. It can display users near you on the map. Choose the one you like, tap on his icon to learn more information, and start a conversation.

Text Messages Translation

The messenger was created to break the language barrier and let you focus on the conversation itself. Neeo will automatically translate the message you send to the recipient’s language. No more time spent on translation on your own. The Neeo app already does everything.

Voice Messages Translation

NEEO Messenger App managed to develop and maintain an extremely high level of translation of voice messages FREE AUDIO VIDEO CALLS.

You are to make free calls all over the world through NEEO Messenger. Only an Internet connection of 4G is needed to provide a good-quality call.

Social Connectivity

Message your friends and sustain communication with foreign partners: NEEO Messenger is a great app to unite all your chats in one place With NEEO Messenger.

You can easily have a real-time chat that will change the paradigm of communication between you and any of your foreign friends!

Download NEEO Messenger now send invitations to your friends and explore the app together.



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