Nothing Phone 1 gets upgraded to Android 13 open Beta update based on OS 1.5

Nothing Phone 1 gets Android 13
Nothing Phone 1 gets Android 13

Nothing Phone (1) gets upgraded to Android 13 Open Beta update. According to the reports, Nothing OS 1.5 will have a clean experience with this update. It also promises to provide users with a much more secure and safe operation with minimal bloatware. Providing this access is reported to be a part of the company’s open Beta programme.

The Nothing Chief Carl Pai announced the launch of this open programme with this update through his official Twitter handle. Pei also mentioned that the beta testing for Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 is underway and it will start in mid-December of this year. However, the final release is expected to arrive early next year.

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Nothing Phone 1 Based on Android 13 now available in the Beta update

Nothing has officially rolled out the Android 13 Beta for Nothing Phone(1). This update also offers a number of other new features. The custom operating system is reported to bring a new weather app with the custom Nothing UI. The company has also increased the app loading speed by 50%. It is also said to have new material Themes with more available options.

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The Nothing Phone(1) is also getting a makeover in the quick settings and volume control. In other features, there’s the introduction of multi-language support for individual apps and a redesigned media player. This update will also provide you with a clipboard preview which will inform you if the content is being copied. You can also edit the content before pasting it.

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Android 13 is available on Nothing Phone 1

Along with these changes the quick settings also contain a new QR code scanner. The other change that has been included to Nothing Phone(1) OS is the Live caption feature that will automatically detect speech on your device and generates a caption. This Operating System includes a new look for media control and the ability to close active background apps directly from the notification centre.

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There are also several privacy upgrades like photo picker, notification permissions and media permissions. Nothing Phone(1) also gets increased background memory, a self-repair feature, an upgraded volume control user Interface and an improved game mode with a new UI for notification.

The self-repair feature keeps your phone new by clearing its cache and expired system dumps. It also includes Google Game Dashboard which supports screenshots, screen recordings, FPS display and do not disturb mode.

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