PUBG Mobile Game Is Coming Soon In India: All You Need to Know!

PUBG Game Coming Soon
PUBG Game Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile was one of the popular mobile games. The Indian government has banned PUBG mobile games in India 2 months ago. PUBG Mobile was banned due to user data leaks. After the ban, PUBG tried to return to India but did not do so. But now PUBG is ready to return to India soon. Today I am going to explain to you the return of the PUBG mobile game to India.

You want to know when PUBG mobile games will come to India. Want to know full details? Then given below. Read this post carefully till the last. Today I will give you complete information related to PUBG.

PUBG will give full information about mobile games

  • The PUBG game was published by Chinese giant Tencent. It was one of the most popular mobile games in India. It was banned due to cybersecurity issues. With a huge fan or player or PUBG, PUBG is trying to return to India.
  • India is one of the largest markets for PUBG mobiles. One of the biggest issues that the Government of India has against PUBG is that it does not store user data in India. Apparently, after this issue, PUBG Corp has engaged with cloud providers to store the data of Indian PUBG players within the country.
  • As per TechCrunch’s report, it seems that PUBG Corp is ready to bring PUBG Mobile back to India before the end of the year. TechCrunch also says that PUBG Corp has informed some high-profile PUBG mobile streamers in India that the game will return to the country privately by the end of the year.
  • Following the ban, PUBG has cut ties with the Tencent company and negotiated with Paytm and Airtel to publish the game in India. It is unclear whether any of those partnerships are out. But we really should soon find out that this report can be anything.
  • So you guys wait and see when PUBG Mobile comes back to India?

So I have told you about PUBG in full detail, I hope so. You must have understood.


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