3 Reasons WhatsApp Could Revolutionise Your Social Network Experience

Reasons WhatsApp Could Revolutionise
Reasons WhatsApp Could Revolutionise

When it comes to connecting your friends and family online, social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok are the platforms that come to mind. However, recently WhatsApp is also trying to make space in the family of social networking platforms.

After Meta Acquisition, we have observed a significant update in the overall features and look and feel of the app. Be it the introduction of community emoji reactions on the messages, we have recently seen WhatsApp growing in what is more generally called a perfect example of a User-Friendly Application.

WhatsApp has a large number of users across the world, even with the current services it provides, for example, media sharing, online video and audio calls, group chats, and many more. The new features are bringing flexibility to the use of the App.


With these features, we can consider WhatsApp a comfortable option that people of all generations can use handily.

Thus, WhatsApp has the potential to become a people-pleaser and the new favourite in terms of social media applications. Thus, here we are with the Top 3 Reasons WhatsApp Could be your next big social network for its users.

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WhatsApp has grown more than just a messaging App

With the latest WhatsApp community features, users now have the flexibility to organize themselves in groups and subgroups without a limitation to the number of users.

Thus, from the one-to-one personal chat and limited user group chats, WhatsApp is now offering a community service flexible in terms of active users.

For Example, users are now making fan, nationality, or ethnic communities over WhatsApp to reach out to people across the world with similar interests. Thus, people can now comfortably use WhatsApp for social networking.

With its community feature, people can communicate with other users without adding them to their contact list. Thus, we can now categorize WhatsApp as a social networking platform.

Additionally, it also provides a Channel feature where websites, Companies, or Brands can post their updates for multiple users to follow. For example, New Papers Websites like Buzzfeed now have WhatsApp Channels where people can follow the latest updates from their favorite authors.

Adding new features day by day

With Meta acquiring WhatsApp, similar to its counterparts like Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is now providing a status update feature, started back in 2017. Thus, user can update their status, which will be visible to their contacts.

It also gives options to grant special status settings, which allow end users to provide access to view their status to limited contacts.

Additionally, WhatsApp has also introduced the latest Avatar creation platform, where users can customize their BitMoji and add it to their display pictures instead of images. Another widely appreciated feature includes the wide variety of GIFs, stickers, and emojis WhatsApp offers.

Not only this, it now even has a delete for everyone option and an Edit chat option similar to Instagram.

With WhatsApp evolving at a fast pace, all these features are likely going to be enhanced shortly. Additionally, we won’t be wrong in already including WhatsApp in the list of social networking apps.

Many more features to come with the future releases

Even with a list of features WhatsApp now provides its users with, it is constantly improving in terms of flexibility and the services it gives.

However, its developers are not going to halt soon. In the upcoming updates, WhatsApp is planning to provide features to set up scheduled calls, like Zoom.

Users will be able to schedule calls in chats and channels for the participants to join based on their willingness. Additionally, WhatsApp is planning to provide its users with a feature to log in on multiple devices.

Although, for now, users can log in on their web browsers and a single Mobile device, with this feature, they will be able to log in on WhatsApp on multiple devices like other social networking Apps.

These new features will make this application more versatile and popular among the current generation, given they will be able to access multiple features via the same application. It is what users look for in an application nowadays.


Now that we have listed 3 Reasons WhatsApp Could be your next big social network, it is justified to say that it is slowly spreading its roots in the social networking circle.

And with plenty of new features already launching in coming releases, let’s hope to get an all-in-one platform for users to dive into.

So, if you think social media is becoming boring, I advise you to take a step back and try touching the roots again. You will be stunned by the features the application is already offering, and I bet you can easily fall in love with its overall look and feel.



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