Reply to a Comment on Instagram Reels: Here’s How

Instagram working on customized post
Instagram working on customized post

Instagram is a popular photo and video-sharing social media platform. This trending app has billions of users all over the world. Since this platform was introduced in 2010, it has evolved into a robust interpersonal organization adding more and more enhanced features to the app.

You all must know about Instagram Reels the platform Introduced two years back. This feature gives you a new way to create short and entertaining videos on Instagram in a more fun way. Most of you express your creativity and bring your ideas to life through these Reels.

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When you take part in cultural trends, discover new ideas, and get together with the Community through these Reels it is obvious to get feedback as Comments. Many times there must be some comments on your Reel videos that you want to reply to.  In this article, you will know how you can reply to a Comment on your Instagram Reels.

Know how to Reply to your Instagram Reels video comment

The Meta-owned Instagram has introduced some very useful features along with the Reels feature which has made this feature even more exciting. Apart from just editing your videos in various ways within reels, you can very easily and simply reply to the comments you have received on your Reels video. Interestingly your comment appears like a sticker on top of your video!


Here is how you can do it in a super easy way:

To reply to a comment on your Instagram Reels video first of all open your Instagram profile and then open the comments section. After all the comments show up tap on ‘Reply’ below the particular comment that you want to reply to. Then press on the blue camera button displayed above the keypad. That specific comment will appear on your Reels screen.

Here you get the options to ‘Move the Sticker’ and ‘change the size of the comment sticker’. After this, you can either record a video reply or even upload a photo or video from your camera roll for replying. Then tap on the ‘Next’ button. At the top of your screen, you will get different options such as adding music, text, GIFs drawings, etc to customize your Reels.


These extra tips and tricks will make it easier to reply to a comment on your Instagram Reel. Press the comment sticker thumbnail above the ‘Edit Clips’ on the lower left-hand side of your screen. Then press the save icon to save your video to your camera roll and then upload in ‘Preview App’s Reels Planner’. After this press the ‘Next’ button. At last, write your caption and then hit ‘Post’.

Hope you find this article helpful to know how to Reply to your Instagram Reels video comment. With these few simple steps, you can now easily reply to a comment. For more latest tech news keep following us.

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