Samsung Signals About Getting Ready for Next-generation Super Fast Charging

Samsung next-generation super fast charging
Samsung next-generation super fast charging

Samsung signals about getting ready for next-generation super fast charging. According to recent reports, the company may be getting serious about its product aspect. As per the report of SamMobile, the company has filed a trademark for the name ‘super-fast portable power.

The report further mentions that this trademark is classified for ‘battery charges for mobile devices and ‘battery packs for mobile devices.  As the name suggests it could mean that Samsung is getting ready to launch its upcoming products with a new improved charging speed.

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Samsung’s next-generation super fast charging

Samsung is a well-known company specializing in a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics. It has become one of the most recognizable names in a wide range of Mobile phones. Though the company has become the smartphone giant of the world for its different range of price brackets in this price-sensitive market, it has been notably lacking fast charging capacity.

The latest reports suggest that now the company is finally working towards it. Samsung also manufactures portable battery banks which come equipped with fast charging capacity and fast wireless charging. These batteries are reportedly perfect for charging Galaxy phones, buds, and smartwatches. Interestingly with these portable battery banks, you can charge all three gadgets at one time when any of the gadgets is enabled for wireless charging.


Cable and Wireless Charging pad

You can connect two of them with cable and one with the wireless charging pad. The report also mentions that along with the ‘superfast charging’ branding, the company might also have some profound plans. Samsung has quite several phones waiting to hit the line like the Galaxy S23 flagship, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Flip 5.

It is expected that these phones could come packed with new and improved next-generation superfast charging. However, there are also rumors that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 23 will have the same old 25w charging. It can be anyway. There will be no confirmations till the product is finally available in the market.


The company’s filing of the trademark shows the intensity of the company regarding the new charging technology. But as commonly seen, most of the time companies do file trademarks but fail to use them. But as it is about a new portable Power Bank the previous models can get some enhancements. There is no confirmed news about it at present.

Although it can be assumed that if the company plans to use the ‘Samsung super fast portable power’ trademark, you have to wait till there is an official announcement. For further information on all the latest tech news keep following us.

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