Schemes for the poor
Schemes for the poor

The government is giving benefits of 5 schemes for the poor.

Hello friends, the government is giving benefits of 5 schemes for the poor. Friends, if someone has a Jan Dhan account in your house, then the government will get 1500 rupees under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. And this money will be given in three installments. Two installment government has transferred the bank account. And the third installment will be transferred in the month of June. The government is putting this money in women’s bank accounts.

1. Schemes for the poor.

Under the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme, the government is giving gas cylinders for free for 3 months. The government has started transferring money to a bank account for this. 1 month’s money has been transferred to the bank account. The second month’s money is coming. If you have your gas connection with Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Then you will be given money for free cylinders for 3 months? And you can take full advantage of it, for this, the first condition is that during the first installment you will have to take the cylinder if you did not take the first installment, then you will not get money in the next time.


2. Schemes 

The government had announced that it will help all laborers during the lock-down, will transfer 1000 to the account of all laborers. The government is helping the workers according to their promises as if you know all the working-class people are troubled during the lock-down.

3. Schemes

The central government had announced that the government will give 5 kg of ration for 3 consecutive months so that the poor will be able to live. Friends, you know that the entire country is lock-down, so the poor people are very upset, the government announced 3 Till month, everyone will give 5 kg ration on one unit, which is getting its benefits for the poor, the Raj government is giving ration for it separately, the central government is giving it separately.

The government had announced that the government is giving 2000 to the farmers during the lock-down.




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