Send Ramadan Kareem Wish Image Stickers On WhatsApp

Ramadan Kareem Stickers
Ramadan Kareem Stickers

You must have heard about WhatsApp. In this very famous platform, people use WhatsApp to stay connected to each other. Also, you will be sending stickers to your friends, relatives, and others to wish the festival well. Today I will tell you how you can make Ramadan Kareem stickers by sending them to some friends and wishing them.

So you want to wish Ramadan Kareem to any friends or your family. So read this article carefully and read it till the end. Today I will tell you how you can send Ramadan Kareem stickers to any friends. I will tell you to step by step throughout the detail so that you also understand and you can also share them among your friends.

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How To Use Ramadan Kareem Stickers?

Ramadan wishes to send it to his friends on WhatsApp. You have to open your WhatsApp. Go to any personal chat or group with whom you want to send wishes stickers. After going to chat, click on the emoji icon on the type message box.

You will see a half-fold sticker icon next to the GIF option at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the sticker icon then you will see all the previous usage stickers. To fulfill the wishes of Ramadan you have to click above the (+) icon on the right corner of the sticker section.

Click on the plus icon and go down then tap on the Get More sticker option. It will open on the Play Store where you will find a lot of WhatsApp sticker packs. You have to select Islamic stickers and Arabic stickers to send Ramadan wishes on WhatsApp. Open the downloaded app and tap on Ramzan Karim Sticker Pack. Then tap on the Add to WhatsApp option and tap on the Add option.

After that, you can very easily share your favorite sticker with any friend.

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