Now you can subscribe to Snapchat+ for as little as Rs 49 a month in India

Snapchat+ at Rs 49 month in India
Snapchat+ at Rs 49 month in India

Have you heard Snapchat+ comes to India at Rs 49/ month? With Snapchat+, Snap’s ephemeral messaging app offers users access to exclusive new features for a monthly subscription fee of more than a year ago. With the addition of India, Snapchat expanded its subscription service to more locations than ever before.

Among its exclusive features, the subscription service says it offers the ability to add someone as a best friend. Along with this, you can change the app icon, and display a rewatch signal. Snapchat for Web will also incorporate into the subscription service.

Lakshya Malu, Snap Inc’s interim-market development head, quoted, “India is a major market for Snap chat and investments in making the app experience more like a local one which has been vital to our expansion in the region. We’re thrilled to be able to provide exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features to our Indian Snap chatter community, which is keen to try out our new products and features.”


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  • Best Friend Forever feature – With Snapchat’s new feature, you can celebrate friendship by pinning one buddy as your best friend.
  • Snapchat+ badge – The Star indicator is used to identify subscribers on Snapchat. A toggle switch can be used to enable or disable this feature.
  • A solar system – An exclusive Friendship Profile Badge.
  • Custom App Icons – You can customize the appearance of the Snapchat App icon on your home screen.
  • In the Ghost Trails feature of Snap Map, pals who have relocated within the last month will be able to see the overall direction of travel for where they have recently relocated. With this feature, you are able to see where a buddy has recently been. It’s created with safety and privacy in mind.
  • Premium users can also access the “Story Rewatch Indicator,” which shows how many friends have viewed their Snaps. Also, rewatched stories will display a double-eye emoji. Snap+ subscribers can also customize their phone’s home screen with a variety of app icons.

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Additional information regarding its launch

Snapchat announced its official launch of Snapchat+ subscriptions in India. Snap subscribers in India, who have been eagerly awaiting a preview of new experimental features for the messaging app, should be overjoyed by this news. The price of Snapchat+ subscriptions in India might come as a surprise to many.

Subscriptions to the service are offered at just Rs 49 per month in India, which is extremely affordable. shortly, Snapchat+ comes to India at Rs 49/ month. According to Snap+’s pricing, the US version costs $3.99/month. The company seems to want to grow its revenue by leveraging its huge Indian user base.

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About the badges

Subscribers to Snapchat+ will also see a gold ring around a ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge on someone’s friendship profile. The ‘Best Friends’ badge identifies users who are among their eight closest friends; the ‘Friends’ badge identifies users who are among their eight closest friends, but not their own closest friends.

When you tap on a badge, you’ll see how close your buddies are. The sun and earth are each other’s third-closest friends if the sun is the user’s friend, and the earth is the user’s friend.

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