Know Top 20 Best Hidden WhatsApp Features to Improve Your Chat Experience in 2024

20 features of whatsApp
Best Hidden WhatsApp Features

Hidden WhatsApp Features in 2024: Friends, you must have heard about WhatsApp. It is a very famous platform. People use WhatsApp to stay connected to each other. There are a lot of features inside WhatsApp that you might not know about. In this article, I am guiding you through the top 20 Hidden WhatsApp Features you must try in 2024.

I will tell you everything in full detail step by step. So you want to know. Read this article carefully about all the features of WhatsApp and you will be able to read the whole till the last. Before moving forward to know the top 20 Hidden WhatsApp Features you have to know what is whatsapp.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messenger app. You can talk via text messages, voice messages, and video calling. You can share a picture, video, or voice on WhatsApp and you can also add status text, audio, video, photo, and links.


5 billion downloads on Google Play Store and Currently, WhatsApp has over 2.78 billion monthly active users in over 180 countries

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Here is a List of 20 Hidden WhatsApp Features:

What features do you want to know? Follow the steps given below for WhatsApp. Because I am going to tell you about 20 such features that you might not have heard about.

  1. WhatsApp Group
  2. WhatsApp Web
  3. Broadcast
  4. Mark as unread
  5. Read Receipts
  6. Privacy
  7. Format message
  8. Invitation of WhatsApp group
  9. Delete for everyone
  10. Two-step verification
  11. Pin Chat
  12. Started message
  13. WhatsApp Status
  14. Clear replies.
  15. Group admin privacy
  16. Payment feature
  17. Media visibility
  18. Live location
  19. Request account info
  20. Call and video call

1. WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group This is one such feature. With the help of this feature, you can add all your contacts to a group and send a video message image, etc.

WhatsApp Group.
WhatsApp Group. (Credit: Paperearn)

2. WhatsApp Web

You can use Whatsapp. web to use your WhatsApp on PC or laptop. Or you can use one of your WhatsApp to use another phone.

WhatsApp Web.
WhatsApp Web. (Credit: Paperearn)

3. Broadcast

WhatsApp Broadcast feature is one of the best features. Through broadcast messaging, you can send a message like your private message which will go to the inbox of the direct member. With the help of this feature, you can message at least 256 people at a time.

And this is the best thing. Any member connected to a WhatsApp broadcast cannot know who is connected to this group. Or how many members are connected? Also, who sent the message?

Broadcast. (Credit: Paperearn)

4. Mark as Unread

This is a very good feature. With the help of this feature, you can read the message of anyone and then unlock it.

Mark as unread.
Mark as unread. (Credit: Paperearn)

5. Read Receipts

With the help of this feature, you can read someone else’s message without feeling blue. Also, if you send a message to someone, then your message will also be received and read, then that blue tick will not be visible to you either.

Read Receipts.
Read Receipts. (Credit: Paperearn)

6. Privacy

With the help of this feature, you can keep your profile private according to. That is, you can set who can see your last seen profile photo status and live location.

Privacy. (Credit: Paperearn)

7. Format Message

With the help of this feature, you can format your message, which will be beautiful to see the tax sent by you. You can format your text as follows.

Format message.
Format message. (Credit: Paperearn)

8. Invitation of WhatsApp Group

In this, you can create an invitation link for your group and you can send this link to any other WhatsApp user. Through that, he can join the group very easily. Through which any man can join that group.

Invitation of WhatsApp group.
Invitation of WhatsApp group. (Credit: Paperearn)

9. Delete for Everyone

With this picture, you will be able to delete the sent message within 7 minutes, which will delete the message from the chat of both sender and receiver.

Delete for everyone.
Delete for everyone. (Credit: Paperearn)

10. Two-step verification

This is a very good feature. With the help of this f, feature you can keep your WhatsApp secure. Which you can enable and you can keep your WhatsApp chat silent. Meaning that someone will also open your WhatsApp. So he has to enter the verification code you have set as security. Only then it can open.

Two-step verification.
Two-step verification. (Credit: Paperearn)

11. Pin Chat

With the help of this feature, you can place your favorite chat group at the top of your WhatsApp home.

Pin Chat.
Pin Chat. (Credit: Paperearn)

12. Started Message

In this feature, you can put the message sent by your friend or family and someone in the group in the start message. Or you can keep an important text, video, image, audio clip.

Started message.
Started message. (Credit: Paperearn)

13. WhatsApp Status

With the help of this feature, you can apply video photo images to your WhatsApp status. Which will remain in your WhatsApp profile for 24 hours. After that, the automatic will be deleted.

WhatsApp Status.
WhatsApp Status. (Credit: Paperearn)

14. Clear replies.

This is a very good feature and this feature is very useful. In this, if someone sends you a continuous message. So you can reply to every message there in turn.

Clear replies.
Clear replies. (Credit: Paperearn)

15. Group Admin Privacy

This feature will be very helpful for your WhatsApp group admin. In this, the group admin can keep their group completely customized. This feature is performed by the group admin enable. So who can send messages in this group and who can change the name of the group, they can take this decision.

Group admin privacy.
Group admin privacy. (Credit: Paperearn)

16. Payment Feature

With this feature, you can make online money transactions like other digital payment apps.

Payment feature.
Payment feature. (Credit: Paperearn)

17. Media Visibility

In this, you can remove WhatsApp images or videos from your gallery. That means if someone sends a wrong image or video on your WhatsApp. So it gets saved in the gallery. But with the help of this feature, the image will not be saved in your gallery.

Media visibility.
Media visibility. (Credit: Paperearn)

18. Live Location

With this feature, you can send live locations to your friend or your family. In this, you send your current location, then following it, your friend can reach your family very easily.

Live location.
Live location. (Credit: Paperearn)

19. Request Account Info

With this feature, you have full information about your account. That means how many details WhatsApp has saved on its saver. You can download that and see how much of your information is being uploaded to WhatsApp.

Request account info.
Request account info. (Credit: Paperearn)

20. Call and Video Call

With this feature, you can make voice calls or video calls to anyone for free.

Call and video call.
Call and video call. (Credit: Paperearn)

So I have told you about 20 Hidden WhatsApp Features. You may not have been aware of it. So I hope You must have understand.

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