What Is Google Photo And How To Use It?

What Is Google Photo
What Is Google Photo

If you use Google Photos, then today I will tell you some such features with the help of which you can keep all your video photos in Google Photos. Friends, if you want to know about Google Photos, then you have read this article carefully, they have also read it for the last time because I will tell you the whole thing about Google Photos.

The biggest reason why everyone uses Google in this world is that Google is the world’s largest search engine. On which you get complete information, you benefit from it.

What is Google’s Photo?

Tise is a new product or service. We can upload our photos online through this app, Allows us to upload our photos online.


The special thing about Google Photos gives us free service to store unlimited online photos. Along with this, there is also Photos Privacy, so that no one else can see your photos.

In this app, we can take a backup of our photos, and if we accidentally delete photos in our mobile then we can go back to them, in Google Photos we can also edit our photos and send photos and videos from our friends Can also exchange.

How to save video photos in Google Photos from mobile?

If you want to save photos from your mobile. then through this App, you can also take a Backup from your mobile.

When you download this app, you will be logged into the Automatic app, from your Gmail ID, now go to your phone’s gallery, and click on the photo you want to upload to this app.

After clicking OK on the option of Share, as soon as you OK on Share, many options will be open in front of you, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Bluetooth, etc. Of all those options, you click on (Upload To Photos) click After this your photo will be uploaded to Google Photos.

How to save Videos and photos in this app?

To take Photos Me Backup, you must have an account, but if you have an Account (Gmail Account), then there is no need to create an account.

How to Delete videos and photos from this app?

It is very easy to delete Photos and Videos through this app, Just you have to open your account, and then click on the Photos and Videos you want to delete. You can easily delete the video by clicking.

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