WhatsApp Plans to bring AI-powered Images to Chats: All You Need to Know!

WhatsApp AI
WhatsApp Plans to bring AI-powered Images to Chats

AI is not the only future of technology, but it shows what technology can bring for us in the future. Meta has been working to implement Artificial intelligence in its social media application.

You must have used the AI chatbots on WhatsApp or Facebook app. However, AI-powered messaging bots are not the limit. Meta is now moving towards generative AI to produce media for its applications.

Meta acquired WhatsApp and plans to Bring AI-Generated Images in Chats. With its upcoming release, the messaging platform might release Imagine, an AI image generator using text prompts.


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What can we expect in the coming WhatsApp releases?

WhatsApp is continuously working at a fast pace to bring various AI-powered tools to its social networking platform, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

From deriving smart insights to offering AI chatbots, it’s growing on the technology front.

  • The latest beta WhatsApp version has the feature to use Imagine Ai-bot that helps users generate images depending on description. If you use a media generation chatbot separately, our social media platform will now offer this functionality.
  • Additionally, WhatsApp is working to offer AI-generated profile images to its users to personalise them. Thus, sooner or later, WhatsApp will increase AI-basking with twice the intensity.
  • WhatsApp now also offers an option to mark a chat as a favourite in the chats. This feature helps users filter out important chat messages from a plethora of data.

How does the AI-powered image bot work on WhatsApp?

Like many media-generating AI bots, WhatsApp will provide a chatbot to generate relevant, personalized images based on text messages.

These generated images will depend on the description you provide to the bot. It will come in handy for generating birthday images, trendy outfits, beautiful wallpaper, or artifacts. It will also likely help users generate cool and unique profile pictures as a part of Ai-integration.

Integrating an image-generating AI bot with WhatsApp will ease usage for many users who currently use a third-party AI bot for image or video generation.

This feature will also bring privacy and safety to the users. Instead of sharing their private pictures, they can generate real-time images to avoid misuse of original ones. It will add a layer of security while sharing media with any one of the messaging applications.

When can we expect the release of Imagine?

WhatsApp is working on an AI-powered image-generating chatbot and will release it for beta testing in the meta-AI-supported countries shortly. There is no set date however on which we can expect Imagine rollout.

Additionally, it’s anticipated that it will take some time for this feature to roll out for iPhone WhatsApp users, given WhatsApp tries to keep both the mobile OS in sync.

Where to find Imagine – WhatsApp AI image generation tool?

Although we don’t have a precise idea of how the feature will work and what level of detail it will require to run the bot. Go to the chat and tap the Plus icon present on the left of the text box.

You will get an option menu. Select Imagine to add a text prompt and generate similar images over chat.

Wind Up

If WhatsApp with its AI integration plans to brings AI-generated images in Chats, it can come in handy for many users. Instead of going to a web browser, they can generate images, even when actively chatting with a friend.

This shortcut feature will enhance the platform’s usability, as well as user experience. WhatsApp is also planning to launch similar AI-powered features in its upcoming release, so keep an eye on what new the platform will offer in the near future.



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