WhatsApp Payments Feature You Can Enable On Your App.

WhatsApp Payments Feature
WhatsApp Payments Feature

Friends, you must have heard about WhatsApp. This is one of the popular apps. Because many people use WhatsApp to stay connected to each other. WhatsApp always rolls out a brand new feature on it. Recently, after 2 years in WhatsApp, it has launched a payment feature in India. Most users got this feature but some users could not get this feature on their WhatsApp.

But you can easily get the payment feature on your WhatsApp. Today I will tell you in full detail about getting the WhatsApp payment feature. So you want to know about WhatsApp payment. So read this article carefully and read it till the last, only then you will be able to understand.

Full Details To Enable The WhatsApp Payments Feature.

WhatsApp announced this feature in 2018 and started working on it after the announcement. But the rollout has taken place 2 years after the announcement. It is taken a long time to get approval from the National Payment Corporation of India.


Now WhatsApp has rolled out the WhatsApp payment feature in India. To get this feature, the user has to update his WhatsApp. But even after the update, some users are not getting this feature. Whatsapp’s feature tracker WABetalnfo has decorated some tips to get this feature on your WhatsApp. If you are among those who have not got this facility. So follow these procedures to get this payment facility.

First of all, you have to find friends who have enabled payment facilities on their WhatsApp. Ask them to send you a payment notification on your WhatsApp chat. To send payment notification, they have to tap on payment in sharing options. WhatsApp will ask you to set up a payment account on WhatsApp as soon as you receive a payment notification.

You have to tap on the setup option. Then create your payment account on WhatsApp.? So you can use the payment facility on your WhatsApp using this trick in this way.?

So I have told you about the WhatsApp payment feature in full detail. So I hope You must have understood.

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