WhatsApp rolling out companion mode
WhatsApp rolling out companion mode

WhatsApp is working on a new message reactions community announcement group feature for beta iOS users. In this update, the Instant Messaging app is developing the ability to react to messages within the announcement group. This new message reactions Community announcement group feature will be available in a future update of the app.

According to the available report of WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned platform is planning to combine this ability with the announcement group. The company is reportedly working to bring an in-app banner that would alert users when there is an update about any message reactions within the announcement group. To get all the details of this feature, go through the article till the end.

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WhatsApp’s Message reactions – community announcement group

In a previous article shared by WABetaInfo, the leading WhatsApp news tracker mentioned WhatsApp beta for Android update. In this report, the news source reported the ability to react to messages within the announce group. This feature was under development process at that time so many users were unable to react to messages sent within the WhatsApp community announcement group.

The report further mentioned that reacting to a message also meant revealing the phone number of the person who reacted. So this could be a privacy problem for many users. In this current beta update, the WhatsApp Dev team is working to hide the phone numbers while reacting.

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The WhatsApp news source has also shared a screenshot of the feature. The image reveals that the platform is working to develop an in-app banner that would announce when message reactions within the Community announcement group feature are available to users. You can see that the banner informs users to update their WhatsApp accounts in order to view and send reactions within the chat.

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As per the reports, this feature would be helpful for users to express their feedback with just a quick reaction. As mentioned earlier the message reactions community announcement group feature is currently under development process so it is not available to beta users.

The company has submitted this update through the TestFlight beta program with this update the current beta version reaches The same version within the WhatsApp setting is The TestFlight build of this update in 23.2.0 (441741694). This feature will be available after it is finally ready to be released in a future update of the app.

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