WhatsApp Rolling Out the ‘Who Can See When I’m Online’ Feature for Beta iOS Users

WhatsApp rolling out Who can see when I'm online
WhatsApp rolling out Who can see when I'm online

WhatsApp is rolling out the ‘Who can see when I’m online’ feature for beta Android users. The platform has submitted this update through the Google Play Beta Program with this update, the current version reaches According to the reports, some users may also get the same feature in a previous beta build.

In this update, the Meta-owned platform is reportedly enabling the ability to hide online status to some select beta testers. The popular messenger and chat support software has been regularly bringing new features to the platform to enhance its user experience. In this current beta update, the platform is rolling out one more great version of the app.

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WhatsApp rolling out a new update – who can see when I’m online

In a previous article released last month, WABetaInfo reported about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post. In the post, the Facebook CEO announced about three new WhatsApp features. The ability to view past group participants, ability to block screenshots, and ability to hide online status.

The third feature is a privacy feature which will let you use WhatsApp in stealth mode. When you enable this mode the ‘online’ string will be deleted from your chat head. In this latest update, the platform is finally rolling out the new privacy settings to some select beta testers.

The reliable WhatsApp news source has also released a screenshot of the feature. In the screenshot, you can see that it is very easy to check if this feature is already enabled on your account. To hide your online string open your WhatsApp settings. Then go to your account.


After this tap on the privacy option. If you see the new ‘who can see when I’m online’ tab on the ‘last seen and online’ page it means you are among those lucky beta testers who can test this feature. You can choose between the ‘Everyone’ and ‘Same as the last scene’ options for this.

To get this feature install the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store. As always the platform is rolling it out gradually in steps. So if you don’t have this feature even after installing the latest update this means you have to wait for some time. As more activation is on the line you can expect to get it soon with a coming update.


However, there is no news on when the company will make this new privacy setting available to all beta testers. As mentioned earlier some users may also get the ability to hide their online status after installing the previous beta build of the app. As there are further details available you will see a new post on our website. For the latest information on all upcoming developments and new features stay tuned with us.

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