WhatsApp Rollout Missed Group
WhatsApp Rollout Missed Group

Friends, you must have heard about WhatsApp, it is a very famous platform. People use WhatsApp. To stay connected with your friend or your family. You can talk to anyone on WhatsApp and also make video calls. You can also apply a lot of status in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a very nice feature. If you use this WhatsApp Rollout Missed Group feature, then you will benefit immensely. So today I will tell you about the same feature.

If you want to know about this feature, then read this article carefully and read the whole last. Because today I will tell you about this feature step by step in full detail. So that you also understand and you can also share it among your friends.

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WhatsApp Rollout missed group call features.

WhatsApp has got a very good feature. This is the feature for groups that have add. If someone in your WhatsApp group calls. So you are not able to receive that call due to some work. And if you have worked and become free, then you can join the same WhatsApp group call. With the help of this feature. This feature is only available in the beta version and iOS.

If the group call is disconnected, you cannot rejoin that call. But if that call is not for disconnecting, then you can easily reconnect with friends using WhatsApp and the missed group call feature. This is one of the best features for everyone if they do not pick up the call or are not able to receive that call. They can now rejoin when available.

So I have told you about the new feature of WhatsApp. So I hope You must have understood, so use this feature today.

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