WhatsApp Tips And Tricks You Must Know About

WhatsApp working on Forward media with caption
WhatsApp working on Forward media with caption

Everyone uses WhatsApp and you must also be using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an app with which you can talk to anyone. You can enter status and many more things you can do with WhatsApp. Similarly, if you also use WhatsApp and you want to know. WhatsApp tricks

Some such tips and tricks of WhatsApp that you may not know about, but you will know today. If you read this article carefully and will read it till the last.

Then let me tell you step by step the whole detail of this article so that you also understand and you can share it with your friends.


WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Let me tell you about such tips and tricks, perhaps you will get a lot of help which is very important to know if you use WhatsApp.

Hide Last Seen

Open WhatsApp, and click Settings: Account: Privacy: previous. There will be 3 options for Everybody my contact, nobody here. Select anyone to hide the last scene.

Mute Group Chat Notification

Friends, the biggest problem with WhatsApp is that whenever you use WhatsApp, your mobile rings repeatedly and it bothers you a lot, but if you have a problem with the ring, then I would like to tell you that WhatsApp But you can also stop the notification.

First of all, go to WhatsApp settings click on mute, and select the time according to your needs. Then click on OK.

Hide profile picture

If you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture for some reason, follow the step given below.

Click on WhatsApp Settings Account Privacy Profile Photo.

Here you will have the option Everybody My Contact Nobody 3. To hide the profile picture you have to click on Nobody.

How to use WhatsApp without a mobile number?

Be the first to back up your WhatsApp photo message. You can create a backup by clicking 9App Settings Backup. Now uninstall old WhatsApp.

Now you have to download WhatsApp again.

Disable Message Service 9 Before installing WhatsApp, click your mobile in flight mode. Now you install the new WhatsApp.

Now enter your mobile number. If your sim is turned off then WhatsApp will not be verified. Wait for a while and when you throw the message check, you will get the option to verify the message, then enter your email ID and click submit. Just your job will be done.

So what are some tips and tricks of WhatsApp that I have shared with you, then with the help of this, you might have got a lot of help, I hope. You must have understood.



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