WhatsApp Will Allow To Make Video And Voice Call On Web.

WhatsApp Update New Feature
WhatsApp Update New Feature

Friends, today I am going to tell you about the news on Whatsapp, about which you might not know. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps. You use WhatsApp for chatting with someone, video calling. WhatsApp Update New Feature. And You stay connected to a lot of people through WhatsApp. You can also enjoy status inside WhatsApp.

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Web WhatsApp allows you to use it on your phone. But you are not able to make voice and video calls on web WhatsApp. But voice and video calling features are being worked on WhatsApp web.


Complete details about WhatsApp web voice and videos and features.

According to WhatsApp’s feature tracker WABetalnfo, WhatsApp is working to roll out the web, making voice and video calls. Users can do web and voice calling and video calling after turning this feature on.

Voice and video calling on web features are currently under development in the beta stage. WhatsApp web call will be available on the next update of Android. This facility will be provided to everyone in the next few weeks.

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After updating this feature, when you receive a call on WhatsApp. So the voice and video call feature apply. So you can enjoy video calls and voice calls very soon. WABetaInfo screenshot is also decorated where you can see. how does it look like?

If you make a video call or voice call to anyone from web WhatsApp. Then you will see different windows like you see when receiving a call.

So I have told you about the WhatsApp new feature in full detail. So I hope You got it

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