WhatsApp Working on a New Feature In-app Survey on All Platforms

9 WhatsApp features
9 WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is working to develop a new feature in-app WhatsApp Survey on all platforms. Earlier it was reported that the company was going to add some enhancements to the group polls feature. According to the report, WhatsApp was planning to roll out a new group poll feature for beta Android, iOS, and Desktop platforms.

In this current update, the company announces a new feature available to very few users. It is popularly known that the in-demand messaging app has been regularly upgrading itself bringing new features to the platform. This popular app has attracted millions of people globally. Know the details of this new enhancement in the article below.

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WhatsApp working on In-app Survey chat

The leading WhatsApp news portal WABetaInfo has just released a report on WhatsApp survey chats. According to the report, the company is developing a specific type of chat that they would use occasionally. The report mentions that this chat would be secure and safe.

The company would use them to take your valuable feedback regarding new features, products, and other things. However, the report further adds that before starting the survey the app will send you an invitation. In the invitation, the purpose of the survey will be mentioned.


This will be optional and you can either accept or decline the survey invitation. You can further prevent the company from sending any new surveys by simply blocking the in-app WhatsApp survey chat.

The reliable news source has also released a screenshot of the feature. The screenshot shows that when this feature is available the company will send you a message notifying you that the chat is verified and used for sending you a survey invitation.


In-app Survey feature

According to the report of WAbetaInfo, your participation in the survey will help the company improve its services. However, the report also mentions that this will not affect your account, your WhatsApp features, and your WhatsApp experience in any way.

Currently, there is no information on which product the company will send you in the in-app WhatsApp survey chat. But this step proves that the company looks forward to your valuable feedback to bring more improvement to the app. The report further mentions that the company securely saves all your responses.


Only a few people who Comply with WhatsApp’s privacy policy can get access to them. Notably, WhatsApp only uses an officially verified account with a green check mark for such conversations. WhatsApp never asks for your private information in such official chats.


Still, if you get a message from such an account asking about your details like your credit card number etc, never share it. As mentioned earlier these in-app WhatsApp survey chats will be used only to get your feedback. Moreover, you have full authority to block such conversation within your chat Info.

At present this feature is under development process. This survey chat might show up to very few people on Certain occasions but it is not available to everyone. When WhatsApp releases its first survey invitation in the future you will get information through a new post on our website. For all the latest news on upcoming releases and developments Keep following us.

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