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You can know which contact of your WhatsApp has a telegram account.

Friends, you must have heard about WhatsApp. This is a very famous app. People stay connected with the help of this app. Apart from this, you will also use Telegram. Telegram is one of the most popular apps. When you start using Telegram Account you have to find your WhatsApp friends. Also, you need to know that your WhatsApp contact has Telegram. Today I will tell you about this in full detail step by step. So read this article carefully and read it till the last, only then you will be able to understand.

Here To Full Details, Whatsapp Contact Have Telegram Account.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram can sync your contacts from your mobile. It helps you know who you contact on WhatsApp Telegram. If we talk about WhatsApp then you need to do anything on WhatsApp. You only have contacts with whom you chat on WhatsApp. The people you chat with your phone number will all appear in the contact chat.

If you want to know which WhatsApp contact is on your telegram then you have to synchronize your contact. First, you have to go to the setting. Then the privacy and security options have to go to the singing contact again.

After synchronizing your contact you will need to create a new chat to know which contact is in which telegram. To create a new chat tap on the floating button and create a new chat. Another way is to have a telegram in WhatsApp contact. You have to use the side panel and click on the contact.

Once you tap on the contact option, you will see a list of your contacts that contains the telegram. All contacts that appear there have Telegram with an associate phone number. You can see the last usage of the Telegram account under the name. They don’t need to use telegram.

Some of your contacts only create telegrams but do not use telegrams so that you can check them by sending messages. But some of your contacts use it daily. These are the two ways that Telegram is in your WhatsApp contact.

So I have told you about it in full detail, so I hope. You must have understood.

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