WhatsApp Introduces Game-Changing Three-Dot Icons in Menu

WhatsApp Three-Dot Icons in Menu
WhatsApp Three-Dot Icons in Menu

WhatsApp, the renowned encrypted messaging app, is on a journey to revamp its user interface, aiming to enhance user experience. In its latest beta release, WhatsApp introduces new Three-Dot icons for the overflow menu, making navigation more intuitive and user-friendly.

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Exploring the Overflow Menu

In the realm of Android app development, overflow menus serve as repositories for less frequently accessed features.


WhatsApp adopts this convention, housing various options, including creating new groups or broadcasts, accessing linked devices, starred messages, and settings, within its three-dot menu.

Transitioning to Iconography

Traditionally, these options were presented solely as text, but with the recent beta version (, WhatsApp introduces icons alongside each option, adding visual cues for easier identification.

This change simplifies menu navigation, enabling users to locate and access functionalities swiftly.

Beta Testing and Beyond

While the beta rollout has commenced, it’s anticipated that this visual upgrade will soon reach a broader audience.

With this transition, WhatsApp users can anticipate a more streamlined and user-centric interface, enhancing their overall messaging experience.

Wind Up

WhatsApp is working hard to make its app easier to use. While WhatsApp Introduces the new Three-Dot Menu, it’s becoming simpler to find and use different features.

As this update reaches more people, everyone can enjoy a smoother experience while chatting with friends and family.




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