Google Adds 3 Cool AI Features to Chrome – Check Them Out

google chrome ai features
google chrome ai features

Google Chrome, the leading browser in terms of market share, has long stood strong without succumbing to the AI frenzy that has swept through various technologies.

However, the tides are changing as Google added the incorporation of 3 innovative generative AI features into the Chrome browser.

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Tab Organization with AI Intelligence

In the latest Chrome 121 stable release on Windows and macOS, Google introduces a tab organization feature that leverages AI to intelligently group similar tabs.

Whether you’re delving into research, planning a trip, or searching for a recipe, Chrome’s new AI feature can swiftly organize tabs, creating tab groups automatically.

Accessing this feature is as simple as right-clicking on a tab and selecting “Organise Similar Tabs,” or you can find it in the top-left drop-down menu.

Empowering Your Writing with “Help Me Write”

Expanding its capabilities, Google integrates the “Help me write” feature from Google Docs directly into Chrome.

While this feature is not yet available in the Chrome 121 release, it is anticipated to debut in the next month’s release.

“Help me write” enables users to effortlessly compose reviews, responses, or drafts on any internet platform featuring a text box. Access this tool by right-clicking on a text field and choosing “Help me write.”

AI-Powered Custom Themes for Chrome

Adding a touch of personalization, Chrome now allows users to generate AI-powered custom themes based on mood, subject, visual style, and color preferences.

Crafting a prompt is not required; simply select your preferred style and colors, and Chrome will automatically generate a fitting theme.

This enhancement provides users with an easy way to refresh the look and feel of their browsing experience.

Looking Ahead: Chrome’s AI Future

While these additions mark a step forward, Google’s plans for Chrome include further meaningful AI integrations in 2024.

As Microsoft labels Edge an “AI Browser” and Opera incorporates a range of AI features, Google’s Chrome aims to stay at the forefront.

The promise of integrating the Gemini AI model into Chrome later this year hints at more groundbreaking developments.

As competitors experiment with smart features, Google’s commitment to enhancing the Chrome browsing experience remains unwavering.

Winding Up: Share Your Thoughts

In a rapidly evolving landscape, Google’s adding 3 AI features to Chrome is a noteworthy move. How do you feel about these new AI capabilities? Share your thoughts and expectations for the future of AI in Chrome in the comment section below.

As we anticipate more developments, the world of browsing is set to become increasingly intelligent and personalized.



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