How to Link Accounts for Cross-Progression on Warzone Mobile

Link Accounts Warzone Mobile
Link Accounts Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile has garnered global attention, promising gamers the thrill of the franchise on their smartphones. Among its standout features is cross-progression, seamlessly syncing progress across various devices.

Here’s a guide on linking accounts to enable cross-progression on Warzone Mobile.

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Linking Accounts to Your Activision ID

To initiate cross-progression, having an Activision account is crucial. If you lack one, simply opt for the Sign-Up option during Warzone Mobile’s setup phase.

Follow these steps to link your Activision ID with platforms like PlayStation, Steam,, or Xbox:

  • Tap on the Login option during setup, located at the bottom left corner.
  • Select the platform icons you wish to connect.
  • This redirects you to your browser. Click on “Go to Activision Account.”
  • Enter your login credentials and tap Sign In.
  • Access the hamburger menu, then select Profile and Linked Accounts.
  • In the “Gaming Networks” section, tap Link Account next to your desired platform.
  • Verify your email by entering the received code.
  • Tap Link Account again, proceeding to log in and authorise the link.
  • Return to the game, input your Activision ID credentials, and tap Login.

Cross-Progression Mechanics in Warzone Mobile

Upon logging in with your Activision ID and linking supported platforms, cross-progression seamlessly takes effect. Here’s what carries over between Warzone PC, Modern Warfare 3 titles, and Warzone Mobile:

  • Player Rank and XP
  • Weapon Levels & Camos
  • Operators and Skins
  • Battle Pass Progress
  • Store Bundles
  • XP Tokens
  • CoD Points (with current limitations)

Advantages and Considerations of Cross-Progression

Cross-progression enhances the Warzone Mobile experience, encouraging players to engage across platforms.

It helps display special skins, fostering a connected gaming world. However, it also encourages more in-game spending. This strategy is favoured by Activision.

Wind Up

The introduction linking accounts to enable cross-progression on Warzone Mobile marks a significant advancement, promoting inclusivity and convenience in gaming.

This feature not only streamlines the gaming experience but also bridges the gap between platforms, allowing players to seamlessly transition and enjoy their progress across devices.

However, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on in-game purchases, as this aspect may affect the overall gaming landscape.

Despite this, cross-progression represents a positive step forward in enhancing player engagement and connectivity within the gaming community. Share your perspectives on cross-progression and its implications for gaming in the comments below!



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