How to Save Instagram Story with Music 2024: Ultimate Guide

save instagram story with music
save instagram story with music

In the realm of Instagram, where storytelling is an art, the desire to save those moments with music often hits a roadblock due to licensing constraints. This guide aims to demystify the process, presenting multiple methods for saving Instagram stories with music, tailored for both iPhone and Android users in 2024. The bonus: maintaining the privacy of your account throughout.

Saving Your Instagram Stories with Music on iPhone

Discovering a potential glitch in the system, iOS users can now revel in a straightforward method. Create your story on Instagram, incorporating music, and refrain from publishing.

Instead, tap the three-dot icon and choose “Save.” Magically, your Instagram story with music finds its way to the iPhone’s camera roll, bypassing the usual prompts.


Download Your Instagram Stories with Music (Android & iOS)

While the direct download might be a fleeting luxury for iOS users, a more universal approach caters to both Android and iOS.

After crafting your story, tap the three-dot icon, select “Save,” and witness your story landing in your device’s camera roll.

Android users, however, might face a hiccup where the story fails to download after hitting save. The workaround involves toggling on the “Save story to gallery” setting in your Instagram profile settings.

Save Your Instagram Story with Music After Publishing It

For those who’ve already unleashed their story upon the world or wish to salvage an older tale, the archives come to the rescue. Navigate to your profile, tap the hamburger menu, opt for “Archive,” and choose the desired story.

A tap on the three-dot icon followed by “Save Video” ensures your story graces the camera roll without its musical charm.

The next steps involve sending the story as a message, adding music, and finally saving the musical marvel to your gallery.

Save Instagram Stories with Music via Third-Party Apps in 2024

Venturing into the realm of third-party apps presents a cautionary tale. While stands out as a reliable option, users must exercise prudence.

This method requires a public Instagram account, and users are urged not to compromise their credentials by sharing usernames and passwords with third-party applications.

Once on, enter your Instagram username, click “Download,” complete a captcha, and witness your stories with music materializing on your device.

Wind Up

Saving your Instagram story with music is indeed an amazing thing to push it to your knowns through other platforms in 2024. For iOS users, the direct route offers a seamless experience, ensuring the preservation of quality in the saved video.

However, recognizing the transient nature of glitches, alternative methods cater to a broader audience, guaranteeing the longevity of your Instagram storytelling endeavors.

As a parting note, if you find yourself entangled in DM dilemmas on Instagram or seek refuge from suggested posts, refer to our companion articles for comprehensive solutions.

Your Instagram journey is an evolving story; feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Happy Instagramming!



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