WhatsApp Planning to Roll Out Theme Colours Feature and Sticker Editor for Android iOS Users

WhatsApp Theme Colour Sticker Editor
WhatsApp Theme Colour Sticker Editor

WhatsApp is on the verge of introducing exciting updates for its iOS users, enhancing the app’s visual appeal and functionality. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a Theme Colours feature, allowing users to customize the app’s appearance Additionally, a Sticker Editor feature is making its way to the latest iOS beta, revolutionizing the way users interact with stickers.

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Working on Theme Colours

Recent insights from a feature tracker reveal that WhatsApp is actively working on a Theme Colours feature for its iOS version.


This feature will empower users to choose from five distinct theme accents, including the existing blue option, WhatsApp’s signature green, off-white, pink, and purple.

The customization extends to various UI elements, such as message counts, status update circles, tab colors, and interface buttons.

Rolling Out Sticker Editor on the Latest iOS Beta

In a notable update on WhatsApp beta for iOS, beta testers can now explore the innovative Sticker Editor feature.

This functionality promises to eliminate the need for third-party sticker apps. Testers can edit existing stickers with a simple tap, thanks to the newly added “Edit Sticker” button.

Moreover, users can unleash their creativity with the “Create Your Own” button, enabling them to craft personalized stickers and even remove backgrounds from images seamlessly.

Future Developments and Android Integration

While the Sticker Editor is already in the hands of beta testers, the Theme Colours feature is still in development, creating anticipation among users.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp strives to maintain feature parity across platforms, hinting that Android users can also look forward to these enhancements shortly.

Wind Up

WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience is evident through the imminent Theme Colours feature and Sticker Editor features.

As iOS beta testers enjoy the cutting-edge Sticker Editor, the broader user base eagerly awaits the arrival of customizable Theme Colours.

These updates not only reflect WhatsApp’s dedication to innovation but also set the stage for a more personalized and visually appealing messaging experience. Stay tuned for the exciting developments unfolding in the world of WhatsApp.



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