WhatsApp Two New Security Features for Better Users Experience

Reasons WhatsApp Could Revolutionise
Reasons WhatsApp Could Revolutionise

WhatsApp, the messaging app many people use, is working on two new security features to make it safer and simpler for users. These features, called in-app dialler and Hidden Group, aim to enhance communication and privacy within the app.

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Making Calls Easier with WhatsApp’s New Dialler

WhatsApp wants to add something new: a dialler inside the app. This means you can make calls without leaving WhatsApp.


You might not even need to save the number first. This could be handy for calling people you don’t know well or haven’t saved in your contacts.

Keeping Chats Private with Hidden Group

WhatsApp is also working on a feature called Hidden Group. This is like a secret mode for some groups.

Only the people in the group can see it, making it more private. It’s good for groups that want their conversations to stay between them.

Trying Out the New Features: What Comes Next?

Right now, these new features are being tested. Some people are trying them to see if they work okay.

But we don’t know when everyone will get them. Sometimes, new things in WhatsApp take time to reach everyone.

Wind Up

WhatsApp is always looking for ways to improve and make chatting better for its users. WhatsApp’s These Two New Security Features could make talking and chatting safer and simpler for everyone.

As WhatsApp continues to grow, users can expect more exciting changes that improve messaging experience in a certain way.



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