WhatsApp Verification Checkmark Changed from Green to Blue

WhatsApp Verification Checkmark Changed
WhatsApp Verification Checkmark Changed

A leading renowned kind of real-time messaging industry, WhatsApp is continuously putting efforts to improve user experience. In a recent report, WhatsApp has made a slight change in their verification badge.

WhatsApp verification checkmark is now changed from green to blue. Let’s explore everything behind this advancement from WhatsApp.

The Transition to a Blue Verification Checkmark

In version of the WhatsApp beta for Android, the once-familiar green verification checkmark underwent a transformation, turning into a soothing blue hue.


This change not only affects Channels but also extends to verified businesses, further enhancing their credibility in the eyes of users.

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Meta’s Influence on WhatsApp

The change in the verification checkmark color coincides with Meta’s recent announcement of “Meta Verified” for businesses.

This service offers a range of benefits, including business authentication, impersonation protection, account support, and features to boost a business’s online presence.

While Meta Verified is rolling out for Instagram and Facebook, its integration with WhatsApp business accounts is still in the testing phase.

Synergy Across Meta’s Platforms

This advancement of changing the color of the verification checkmark clarifies that Meta is painting all their brands with their main brand color “Blue”.

Facebook, Instagram and now WhatsApp are coming with a new blue color checkmark that shows the Synergy Across Meta’s Platforms.

It demonstrates Meta’s commitment to enhancing marketing opportunities across its digital social platforms.

While this development continues to enhance, Let’s wait for further advancements from Meta for WhatsApp business accounts.


Meta is coloring all their apps with the same color combination, Especially with the Blue color.

After WhatsApp’s verification checkmark changed from green to blue, It shows Meta is working on their brand authenticity and broadening business opportunities.

We all know how Meta is dropping continuous updates to enhance their user experience and functionality, Now it’s turn for enhanced brand authenticity.

While this advancement has just arrived, We can’t say much about its disadvantages for users or the company.

Let’s wait for some time to see its actual usefulness. Let us know what you think about Meta’s move to transform verification checkmarks in the comments below.



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